About BrailleSpark

BrailleSpark®  is an excellent and industry leading tool which gives you the freedom of the brailler on your laptop/desktop keyboards.
You might be wondering that, "Freedom of Brailler? How?" No need to be worried, because we're here to tell you everything about this software!

BrailleSpark®  allows you to type on your laptop/desktop keyboards with six fingers, just like a brailler. Put your fingers on the keyboard, and start your computerized, digital and intelligent brailler with your six fingers!

BrailleSpark®  supports both Roman and Devanagari scripts. It takes Braille input and displays it's output in normal printed text which can be easily read by your preferred screen reader/speech synthesizer. With BrailleSpark®  you can extensively type Hindi, Sanskrit, English and many more Devanagari/Roman supported languages only with your six fingers and it is also Unicode compliant.
BrailleSpark®  has an intelligent logical engine which automatically manages the complicated routines of Hindi language such as diacritics ETC.
Unlike other tools which use outdated and obsolete APIs and keyboard hooking mechanisms, BrailleSpark®  uses it's own, up to date and blazing fast APIs which gives you true typing experience. These APIs are being maintained and developed regularly by us. BrailleSpark®  supports all popular screen readers such as JAWS, NVDA and Window Eyes. Easy keyboard shortcuts, intelligent language support, low memory footprint,  all leading screen readers' support and blazing fast input makes it easy to use, feature rich and user friendly.

BrailleSpark®  not only lets you type Roman and Devanagari scripts, but it also gives you a comprehensive and powerful player named "SparkPlayer" by which you can simultaneously listen and type your audio books/files. It's a global player, means you can seamlessly do your work and manage it's operation from any application. There is no need to switch the player window, all shortcut keys will work from any application with the exception of internet browsers.

SparkPlayer features global shortcut keys, Play/Pause, Speed Management, Forward/Rewind, Volume Management etc.

All and All BrailleSpark®  may be very useful for students, frequent typers, (Hindi), government employees, (who require heavy typing at their workplace) and teachers etc.
It's a dream come true of Braille literate visually impaired people!